22 février 2024

Speakers: Lučka Centa, Ivana Kalc and Tajci Cekada, Neja Tomšič, Slaven Tolj and Mara Anjoli Vujic, Guadalupe Aldrete, Gaëtan Rusquet.

  • Production and editing: thor Colonna
  • Music and sound design: thor Colonna
  • Music:
    excerpts from the performative installation ‘Area of Weaved Space’ by Lučka Centa, Urška Preis and Tery Žeželj ;
    excerpt from the performance ‘Untangling a Garden’, by Neja Tomšič

For the last episode of the serie chrono/logos, performers of the festival Infinite Present, in Ljubljana, explore their different ways of approaching death and the connection to the dead, through archeology of one’s life, somatic memory and auto-ethnography. It also explores the varied possibilities to tell stories which have been erased or invisibilised, through site and time specific performances. This is an ode to the invisible(s) world(s) and to the contemplation of landscapes.

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